Run Up to Herefordshire Art Week 2014

‘Inspired by Nature’ Exhibition – h.ART Week 2014.

Preparations are well under way for  Herefordshire Art Week 2014.    This year I am very excited to be exhibiting some of my work at the Temple Bar Inn in the village of Ewyas Harold. The pub has been recently refurbished and now boasts a beautiful function room   on the first floor, which is where I will be displaying some of my photographic images in the form of box canvases, framed photographs, unframed prints and cards.

Five other local artists will also be exhibiting their work at the Temple Bar this year so you will also be able to see  metal sculptures, wildwood sculptures, ceramics, decorative glass panels and earth pigment paintings.

Gill and Peter Jinman and their daughter, Phillipa, who own and run the pub, have been instrumental in setting up the exhibition, along with exhibition organiser, Kate Raggett, and it promises to be visually stunning – come along and have a look round. You will be able to buy something beautiful for your home  – be it a print, a painting, or some ceramics

– or just come along and marvel at the creativity of our local artists.

Our exhibition is called ‘Inspired by Nature’ and will be listed as Venue 52 in the h.Art Guide.

It will be open from Saturday September 6th (11 am to 8 pm)  – to Sunday 14th September (we close at 5 pm on the last day).

Admission is FREE.

For more information on h.Art Week around the county visit


MossSeries1     mossSeries2    MossSeries4


Abergavenny Festival of Cycling June 2014

On Friday June 27 at about 6 pm these young racers gathered to take part in the Town Centre Racing, one of the exciting events in the Abergavenny Festival of Cycling 2014’s week long programme. I walked round the narrow, hilly streets before the first competitors burst from the start line to pick some vantage points for my shots – a bend is always good and there were plenty of those.

Round we go!
Start Line
Let’s go!
Important to keep hydrated

Of course the punters at the Kings Arms had the best spot – sitting outside, beer in hand, they soaked up the evening sunlight as the young speedsters hurtled fearlessly round the corner.

Now you see him – now you don’t!



There were some vociferous parents, urging their kids on to glory – personally, I think parents should be given a sedative and kept well out of the way until it’s all over  – but that’s just me!!

There was no shortage of competitors or marshals – in fact, the whole event was extremely well managed and a police bike went round the circuit after each race to make sure there were no stray pedestrians or hazards on the track.

policeBike2 policebike3 policeBike




The gathering storm clouds were a bit of a concern (only to me, as it turned out!)  – in fact, they just added to the drama – and made the spectacular backdrop of the Brecon Beacons stand out even more.

clouds3 clouds2 clouds

So with interested spectators lining the route, bags of chips in hand (God! I’m hungry!) – off they went!




The barriers opened, the kids put their game face on and hared off down the hill – with no concern for their own safety! At the bottom they turned left and then ……………….met their first challenge – which some negotiated better than others.

Steady as we go!
Damn – who put that cone there?!
The older competitors showing how it’s done.

Marked by two traffic cones, the road was closed off and they had to turn back on themselves and head up a steep hill into the town and round to the right. Eventually, this brought them out by the King’s Arms, where they veered right again into a wide, flat straight –

straight2 straight1 roundtheBend1

– a chance to jockey for position, and then up another steep incline and back to the start.

There were surprisingly few mishaps in the junior races and this young man was put straight back on his bike after coming to grief on the corner  – and off he went none the worse for his spill.

Never mind the bike! What about me!
Up you get

Of course the name of the game is winning and this is what it meant to this lad


Not everybody was pleased to see the cyclists in town – it took this man 15 minutes to cross the road!!  Hope he didn’t miss his train!

Where did all these people come from?