Organic Farming in Herefordshire

Back in the summer I went with a friend of mine to a lunch organised by Abel and Cole, who sell organic veggie boxes full of delicious fruit and veg. The event was hosted by Herefordshire farmer, Jeremy Helme,  who led us on a walk around Pool Hullock Farm to show us his crops and explain how things are done.

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After the walk Jeremy invited us to sit down and enjoy a tasty lunch in the garden. It was a lovely day and we had worked up an appetite on our tour of the farm so we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch, and before we went home we were given a goodie bag of freshly picked veg to take with us.

cattle2 herd

Here’s a link to the YouTube where Jeremy explains why he farms organically.

Our h.Art Neighbours

What better way to spend the 3 hours between the morning and evening stewarding sessions than visit a couple of other h.Art venues close by?

A few miles from our own venue at the Temple Bar Inn in Ewyas Harold is  Clehonger Church – Venue 55. News had reached me of Smudge’s world renowned carrot and coriander soup  so it was a no-brainer, really. I was in need of nourishment and the soup didn’t disappoint!

As well as all the great work on display there was also this stained glass window, which is beautiful in its own right, but when the sun streams in through the glass it casts a rainbow of colours onto the surrounding wall.dove&caption


We are now mid way through our h.Art Exhibition for this year- a good time to take stock.

We’ve met lots of interesting people from all over – some who do the h.Art Trail every year and plan their route, some who are just out enjoying the great weather and happen across us, and some who are local to our venue in Ewyas Harold and are just dropping in to their local pub. I enjoyed lunch there myself today with a few friends before heading back upstairs to welcome more visitors.

During the afternoons the sun streams in through the windows and literally lights up the exhibits. I was inspired to take a few more photos.  On one of them you can’t fail to notice the word ‘SOLD’ – I was chuffed to see one day when I arrived that one of my large canvas prints had sold to a lady who runs a local gallery – a discerning eye!  – but all the artists have sold lots of the pieces they have on display. I can only speak for myself and I am very pleased with how it’s going.  I imagine the others would say the same.

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