Feliz Año Nuevo y ¡cuidado con las uvas!

I thought I’d finish the year with a short post about a Spanish custom which will be going on all across the land tonight. I’m not Spanish so why would I do this ? Well, my husband was Spanish  – a ‘segoviano’ who by the age of 11 must have been almost a ‘madrileño’ as he had been at boarding school in Madrid since the tender age of 8 – not sure your pure ‘gato madrileño’ would agree but,  anyway ….
Of course,  the curious custom I refer to is the  gobbling of 12 grapes at the strike of 12 midnight on New Year’s Eve – I am sure many a Spaniard has choked doing this  – for one thing, Spanish grapes still have pips in them – and it’s not as easy as it sounds: you pop one little grape in your mouth with each little strike of the clock – so far, so easy peasy,  but  after the fourth or fifth they don’t go down so well!
To help them on their way copious amounts of bubbly are glugged down – Cava, naturally,  in Barcelona (¡qué  finos!) but other sparkling wines are available!
Anyway, however you toast in the new year – may it be a good one !

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