Alternative Empanadilla

I have recently acquired two new things – one – a ‘gluten free’ friend (a diagnosed coeliac) and two – a new electric oven – what better than to combine the two and try out a few new recipes!
My first ‘gluten free’ attempt was some chick pea flat bread which was actually quite tasty but the first time I made it I was still using my trusty old gas cooker with eye level grill – 100 years old at least! Now I had to make the flat bread in my new electric oven – the top oven is apparently a grill.
I decided to use the flat bread as the outer casing of my alternative ’empanadilla’ – those of you familiar with Spanish cuisine will know it as a typical Galician dish, traditionally made with a dough (or pastry) base and topped with peppers and tomato and fish, usually tuna, though the one made for us by my husband’s aunt many moons ago in Villagarcia de Arosa contained ‘anguila’ (eel) –  and delicious it was too.
For my take on this traditional recipe (well, if Jamie Oliver can say that , so can I!)  I used smoked trout, roasted peppers and tomato pesto.
Of course, the point was to road test my new oven:
Verdict on the oven ?  Don’t think the grill was hot enough – the flat bread took ages and came out almost like biscuit.
Verdict on the empanadilla?  – not bad! I would do it again.
To make it just whisk up some chick pea flour, water and salt, turn into a shallow, oiled pan and put under a hot grill – takes just a few minutes. Or cook on the hob as you would a crepe.
Use the flatbread as your base, spread some tomato pesto onto it, then your fish and top with roast peppers – the more colourful the better – and – voilà!  Empanadilla de trucha ahumada – delicious washed down with some sauvignon blanc.



What does winter mean to you?

Just brought the garden brolly inside, stacked up the garden chairs and swept the patio clean of leaves.
The plum tree looks stark and bare, most of the flower pots are empty  and the barbecue in the corner has become a storage unit again.

Looking on the bright side  ……………..
I’ve just spotted the basket of jams and pickles I made ready for winter teatimes, so I’ll light the candles by the fire, make some  crumpets and open one of those jars of plum jam I just came across. And while I have my tea I can look out at the last of the colour – the berries, the winter jasmine and the leaves on that nice pear tree.

I know its only just November but I can do it all again in December – and January – and February –  I’ve got 18 jars of jam left – anyone for crumpets?