Stained glass

For me one of the most beautiful forms of artistic expression there is is stained glass.

Wander round your local area and you will come across some stunning examples of stained glass. Most are in churches, some in private dwellings, some in schools: some modern, some ancient , some abstract, some telling a story, some just revelling in a juxtaposition of brilliant colours to form a glorious design. I love them all. Here are some of my favourites:





Tonal harmony

Muted colours

Simple lines

Bold Design






Stained glass images reflect the artist’s skill, imagination and his desire to represent the human condition – the triumphs, the tribulations, the suffering and the celebration.

Arthur’s Stone

Hidden away in the Herefordshire countryside is Arthur’s Stone, a magnificent ancient burial chamber. I cannot better the information provided by the sign within its enclosure by English Heritage so here it is:

You can get up to the Stone by car from the village of Dorstone but we did it the hard way. Starting from the bridge at Bredwardine we crossed the road, with the Red Lion pub on our left. The narrow lane quickly becomes a steep hill. We passed some local houses whose gardens contained some attractive (and ferocious!) residents

Got any liquorice allsorts?

These aren’t actually that uncommon now around these parts

After wending our way up through some undeniably stunning countryside, we turned left down a smaller track which eventually comes out at a couple of houses and a stile into a field which is impossible steep!

Onward and upward ! We crossed another few fields and negotiated stiles and gates, saying hello to a lone horse and myriad sheep – to eventually reach our goal

Arthur’s Stone

There is something undeniably pleasing about the placement of the stones. Apparently this burial chamber has never been excavated so the many legends that surround it are pure conjecture. Whatever you may believe it is worth a visit – but take my advice – go by car!!

Oh! There’s King Arthur!