The Cucumber Assassin

How hard can it be to grow a few edibles in the garden?

Well, harder than I thought. Take your cucumber – tricky little devil. On my second attempt now – the first batch just, well, collapsed and died! Not through over watering as I first thought – I think it was because I neglected them – nay! abandoned them!  on the cold conservatory windowsill when the temperature plummeted for one night to almost zero!

So here they are – the second batch – basking in the almost tropical heat of the kitchen windowsill. I’m afraid to move them now!

They are actually outdoor cukes and below are the ones I planted directly outside:   not died off – yet! – happy in their 5 star accommodation – cosseted, in fact, I’d say!

So their fate lies with my limited (but rapidly expanding!) horticultural knowledge and the fickle English climate.

I know! Stick to courgettes! But I want to grow one of these!

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