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Stained glass

For me one of the most beautiful forms of artistic expression there is is stained glass.

Wander round your local area and you will come across some stunning examples of stained glass. Most are in churches, some in private dwellings, some in schools: some modern, some ancient , some abstract, some telling a story, some just revelling in a juxtaposition of brilliant colours to form a glorious design. I love them all. Here are some of my favourites:





Tonal harmony

Muted colours

Simple lines

Bold Design






Stained glass images reflect the artist’s skill, imagination and his desire to represent the human condition – the triumphs, the tribulations, the suffering and the celebration.

Butterflies at Symonds Yat

What to do on a chilly, blustery Wednesday in April whilst waiting for  the British summer to arrive?
I know! A trip to the butterfly centre at Symonds Yat! Inside the butterfly house the atmosphere and temperature are carefully controlled and these beautiful creatures flit from plant to plant and chase each other around their tropical paradise.
The plants are not quite Kew Gardens dimensions but they set the scene
purple   leaves
     tangle1    tiger1
red2 trumpet4
yellow    whiteStar
and whilst studying the plants you start to notice the brilliantly camouflaged butterflies settled motionless on them – difficult to tell the scale from these photos but these butterflies ranged in width, with wings outspread, from 2-3 inches to 5-6 inches.
blue&black eye1
Here are a few of the images from my trip.
From velvety black to iridescent blue – I don’t know the names of these lovely butterflies but I’m sure the lepidopterists amongst you will.
black1 blue&black
blueCloseUp2      eye
orange&black2     silhouette
whiteSpotted   whiteSpotted5
whiteSpotted3    whiteSpotted7